Like many consumers, you might be tired of seeing your home in shades of black, white, and beige. As design trends evolve, customization in homes including furniture, fabrics and flooring calls for stylish and functional appliances that make a bold statement. This trend continues as washers and dryers migrate from the basement to livable areas of the home. Current colors trends, including greens and browns, have been inspired by nature and mark the start of a fresh new palette for the laundry room.

Whether you prefer vivid or muted, bright or white, we offer the following tips on integrating color into your home:

  • Chose colors based on the mood you want your home to convey. For example, yellow can be energizing, while blue can be soothing.
  • Match colors based on a theme. When paired with Aspen green, blues and browns create an outdoorsy feel. Yellow, orange and aquamarine can inspire a tropical, Caribbean atmosphere.
  • Break out your color wheel. Color palettes work well when they include complementary colors. Two examples — green and purple or blue and orange. If those color combinations are too bold for your taste, try muted, lighter shades of paint or incorporate a splash of color with accessories.

A colorful, trendy appliance can spice up your home and make it more inviting. Keep these tips in mind when shopping for a new washer or other appliance.