Rayon drapes well and has a soft, silky appearance. Since the fabric's fibers are weak, rayon garments require careful handling.


Check the garment label for the recommended cleaning method. For washable rayon, wash in cool water on the gentle cycle. Remove rayon garments from the washing machine immediately and reshape to minimize wrinkling and increase the fabric's lifetime.


To remove excess water after cleaning, roll the garment in a towel, then reshape and hang on a padded hanger to dry.


If you're running out of places to hang clothes to dry, we recommend the Whirlpool brand Laundry 1-2-3™ accessories. This suite of custom laundry options features a vertical storage tower with a retractable hanging rod that ensures rayon and other garments dry effectivel.
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When necessary, use the steam setting on a warm iron and a dry pressing cloth on the inside of the garment.


Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

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