Ironing Basics

Easier ironing starts in the dryer. To prevent wrinkles from setting in, remove laundry from the dryer while still damp. Here are some more tips to help your ironing go more smoothly.

Reducing Wrinkles

Always hang your items immediately after ironing them. Spray starch on the underside of your garment and then roll the clothing into a ball to allow the fabric to absorb the moisture before ironing. When ironing, pay attention to your iron's temperature. If it sizzles when applied to the fabric, lower the heat.

Ironing Strokes

Here's something that might surprise you: you should never, ever iron in circular strokes or you'll end up stretching the fabric. Instead of running the iron over a wrinkly spot several times, iron lengthwise and level those ridges with a burst of steam.

Ironing a Lining

If your garment is lined, be sure to press it separately. And don't forget to check the lining fabric. It may differ from the main garment and require a different temperature.

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