How to…

Perfectly Roast the Turkey

  • Use a roasting pan that is large enough to hold your turkey from front to end and no more than two inches deep.
  • Make sure your turkey sits on a roasting rack in the pan. This allows juices and dripping to settle… perfect for gravy. Pre-heat your oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit to start cooking the turkey faster.
  • Don’t open the oven door to peek at the turkey. You can lose heat which may increase cooking time.
  • Don’t “assume.” Follow instructions on packaging carefully.
  • Create a loose foil tent over the bird. This helps keep moisture locked in. Remove the tent 30 minutes before it is completely cooked.
  • To keep the turkey skin soft and brown, rub oil on the outside of the turkey prior to cooking.
  • When bird comes out of the oven, cover and let it sit for 15 minutes before carving. This allows the juices to redistribute.

Bake the Perfect Pie

  • Be sure to place your pie in the lower portion of the oven (rack 1 or 2 position).
  • Always make a few slits or openings on the top of your pie for steam to escape.
  • To minimize browning of the crust, create a ring of foil around the edge of the pie to cover the crust prior to baking. Leave it on for the first 20 minutes of baking, then remove.
  • To enhance crust, brush with cream and sprinkle with coarse sugar prior to baking.
  • For a golden crust, mix an egg with a tablespoon of water and brush on crust prior to
  • To catch filling spills, put the pie plate on a cookie sheet.
  • How to know when your pie is done? Look for a filling temperature of at least 190 degrees Fahrenheit in the center of pie. You’ll also know the pie is ready when it starts to bubble.

Be Safe

  •  Always wear oven mitts. Heat transfers, even in microwaves!
  • Once your turkey is out of the oven, refrigerate it within two hours. Make sure it is wrapped and stored separately from other food items.
  • Always let kids know the “no-touch zones.” This includes areas like the oven windows and kitchen counters with carving tools.

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